The Ultimate Bariatric Resource Guide

Whether you are considering or have already undergone bariatric surgery it can be overwhelming to find resources to support your new lifestyle.

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Whether you are considering or have already undergone bariatric surgery it can be overwhelming to find resources to support your new lifestyle. I have compiled the ultimate bariatric resource list to help you with your journey. You may notice I included a variety of suggestions in each category because I want you to have choices.  The listings of these sites do not reflect endorsement. They are merely listed for your reference.

What works for one person may not work for another. Your journey is yours alone. Please look through the following and decide which sites are best for you.

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links (which I will show), which means I earn a small commission if you click on them. When you purchase from these links it helps to support this blog.

Bariatric Bloggers

My Bariatric Life

The founder, Cheryl Ann Borne, underwent surgery in 2003 and created My Bariatric Life to be a resource for those who  have undergone bariatric surgery. She discusses her own experience and also includes medical professionals on her blog to provide you with a variety of perspectives.

Bariatric Cookery

Known for her delicious recipes, Carol Bowen-Ball, created this site after having bariatric surgery. Prior to surgery she was a food writer and the author of many cookbooks. After surgery she wanted to use her culinary skills to develop satisfying and delicious recipes for those that have had bariatric surgery. This blog also provides you surgery tips and a variety of different Ebooks to help support you after surgery.

Bariatric Foodie

Nikki underwent surgery in 2008 and created Bariatric Foodie to provide a community for weight loss surgery patients to talk about food and real life after bariatric surgery. Her blog discusses in candid detail about what life is like after surgery. The highs and the lows. She has written multiple cookbooks and is famous for her butterfinger protein shake. She hosts challenges and events throughout the year and motivates others to take control of their health.

The World According to Eggface

The founder, Michelle, aka “Shelly,” underwent RNY surgery in 2006. She created this blog as an outlet for her views and as a place to share bariatric-friendly recipes. She loves to cook and provides you with a unique perspective of life after bariatric surgery.


Julia named this blog after her surgeon as a token of appreciation for his support in her weight loss journey. She wanted to create this blog as resource for other bariatric patients. This blog provides you with a broad range of topics to help you learn all about weight loss surgery.

Professional Resources

Obesity Help

This website features helpful information, written by medical professionals, to educate you about weight loss surgery. They offer an active forum that is free once you set up an account.


American Society of Bariatric and Metabolic Society is more geared toward medical professionals but it provides a wealth of information. It lists recommended vitamin intake for those after having undergone weight loss surgery. For those of you that enjoy scientific journal articles this is a great article in regards to nutrition. You can also find a recommended provider of bariatric surgery on this site.

Obesity Action Coalition

The Obesity Action Coalition is a nonprofit organization that advocates for individuals affected by obesity. It  has over 58,000 members and is active in legislation. Once you become a member you will receive their newsletter that provides helpful information. I encourage you to join!


This website is a resource for the UPMC Bariatric program but it has a wealth of information. It provides you with recipe ideas and information about each stage of the post-operative diet. Please be aware that their program may be a little different than yours. Nonetheless, it provides you with helpful information.

Dietitian Resources

Bariatric Meal Prep

I know this is a shameless plug but I could not make this list without listing myself, right? Bariatric Meal Prep was created by me, a Registered Dietitian, to provide you with recipesideas and meal plans to optimize your health after bariatric surgery.

Bariatric Surgery Nutrition

Dietitians, Lisa Kaouk and Monica Bashaw, know their stuff and are active in the bariatric community. They offer virtual counseling sessions and online courses to support bariatric surgery patients. They are based in Canada and have written a book called The Complete Guide to Weight Loss Surgery (affiliate link).

My Bariatric Dietitian

This is a relatively new site developed by a bariatric dietitian. She writes a blog to address weight loss surgery concerns. She also provides 1:1 counseling sessions and is based in the state of Washington.

Nutrition For Weight Loss Surgery

This site was developed by dietitians from Australia. They offer nutrition courses and ongoing support for members either on a monthly or yearly basis

Food Coach Me

This is a membership site created by a Registered Dietitian. Some recipes are available to everyone while others are for members only. She is active on Pinterest and Instagram. She also has created videos to help you with your journey.

Inside Karen’s Kitchen

Inside Karen’s Kitchen you will find a variety of bariatric friendly recipe ideas. She has worked as a bariatric dietitian and created this blog to share her love of cooking with others. Her pictures are beautiful and her recipes prove that healthy food can taste good.

Bariatric Online Stores



BariatricPal (affiliate link) is your one stop shop for everything bariatric related. They provide supplements with viagra, vitamins, low carb snacks and other packaged food items. They have a robust forum where potential candidates and weight loss surgery (wls)  patients can ask questions and support each other along their journey. There is also an online WLS magazine that features topics related to nutrition, mental health and healthy living.

Gastric Guru

The Gastric Guru is relatively new to the bariatric scene but is making a big impact. The founder created this site after undergoing weight loss surgery herself and has been very active in the wls community. This site provides you with information about diet, life after surgery. They also have an array of items to assist you in making healthy choices and be a guide for you after surgery.



This is another site created by a weight loss surgery patient. She has taken her love for movement and healthy eating to create a program to help others achieve success after surgery.


Weight Loss Surgery Podcast

This is one of my favorite podcasts. It was created by a Nurse Practitioner that actively works in the field of bariatrics. She created this podcast in 2013 and it has grown tremendously. She interviews surgeons, dietitians and patients that have undergone weight loss surgery. It aims to provide you with evidence-based information rooted in compassion. You will gain valuable insight whether you are just starting your weight loss journey or underwent surgery years ago.

Beyond Bariatric Surgery

If you are looking for tips how to manage life after surgery then this podcast is for you. The host interviews a variety of professionals to give you a wide range of information from pregnancy to carbs. Their website includes a variety of courses to support your journey.

Gastric Health Show

This podcast was created by Registered Dietitian, Dawn Boxwell, and focuses on gut related issues that affect those that have undergone weight loss surgery. She dives into topics such as probiotics, weight stalls, digestive enzymes and how to improve protein absorption after surgery.

Bariatric Cookbooks

Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery 

Written by a bariatric patient, it provides you with delicious meals for every stage after bariatric surgery. Lots of good ideas here! (affiliate link)

Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook for Dummies

This is a well rounded cookbook developed by a dietitian. It provides you with shortcuts and tips to help you navigate around the kitchen and helps  build you confidence in the kitchen. (affiliate link)

Fresh Start Bariatric Cookbook

Another book developed by a Registered Dietitian and #1 on Amazon. It has beautiful pictures and helpful advice to get you cooking. It includes what to stock in your pantry and how to prepare for a lifestyle change. (affiliate link)


You Have Such a Pretty Face 

Kelly Gunter discusses her personal journey after bariatric surgery and how she learned to love her herself. In her book she offers wisdom, personal guidance and comfort for those considering or have undergone weight loss surgery. (affiliate link)

Mindless Eating: Why Eat More Than We Think

This book helps you learn how to change your environment to help set you up for successes. It discusses how small changes such as placing processed foods in higher cupboards and using smaller plates may help you reduce mindless eating. A fun and easy read. (affiliate link)

Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating For Bariatric Surgery

Doctor Michelle May designed this workbook to help you get in touch with your body and to learn more about your eating patterns. This workbook is helpful to get you out of the dieting cycle and provide you with pragmatic solutions.

Bariatric Mindset

Written by therapist and bariatric patient, Kristin Lloyd, gives you insight how to help change your mindset after bariatric surgery. These strategies include how to build positive habits and relationships in your life. (affiliate link)


Dr Matthew Weiner

Dr Matthew Weiner is a bariatric surgeon in Michigan and has created a significant amount of informational videos regarding bariatric surgery. Although these videos may differ slightly than the advice from your surgeon they still provide helpful general information.  


Curves and Coffee

I love following Curves and Coffee journey after weight loss surgery. She is a Health At Every Size advocate and gives you a peek of  her life before and after surgery. She shares what she is eating and her personal highs and lows. I admire her strength and down to earth perspective.

What did you think of the list?

Please comment below and feel free to add suggestions. I will be updating this list frequently and always open to new suggestions.