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Simple High Protein Egg Drop Soup

Unjury protein powder next to bowl of soup

This soup is perfect if you are tired of sweet protein drinks.




  1. Heat up 8 oz of water in the microwave for 3 minutes on High.
  2. While cooking, whisk one egg in a bowl. When water is done heating, whisk egg into water mixture. Then add frozen spinach. The spinach will help cool down the water so you can add protein powder.
  3. Once temperature of soup is below 140 F add protein powder and whisk.
  4. Purée in blender if needed. Add green onions before serving if regular.



  • After prepared, puree in blender


  • Serve as is


  • Garnish with green onions

Include family

  • Serve with Stir Fry and long grain brown rice

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