Easy Chicken Cacciatore on White Plate

Easy Chicken Cacciatore

This Easy Chicken Cacciatore will delight your whole family after bariatric surgery. It’s super flavorful and even tastes good pureed. Seriously. 

During the pureed or soft diet phase sometimes you get bored of the same flavors. Am I right?

You don’t have to worry about that with this meal. I love the savory flavor of the mushrooms with the hint of rosemary and diced tomatoes. Plus it tastes yummy no matter what stage you are at after bariatric surgery.

Instead of using traditional flour with this meal, I used almond meal to bread it. This helps lower the carbs and gives you a nice texture. However, you can use flour instead if you would like to add some carbs to your meals. 

This meal would taste great with a fresh salad on the side. If you have introduced healthy carbs back into your diet, you could add two tablespoons of whole grain pasta on the side. This Easy Chicken Cacciatore would also taste amazing over a bed of zoodles or whole grain couscous. 

Bariatric Diet Modifications


  • Blend until desired consistency reached. May need to thin with additional chicken broth. 


  • Make sure rosemary cooks long enough to soften.


  • Serve as is. Would also taste served over 2 tablespoons of whole grain pasta or zoodles. 

Kristin Willard, RDN

I am Bariatric Dietitian that teaches you how to eat before and after weight loss surgery to help you feel and look your best.

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