Bariatric Meal Plans
Meal Planning just got a whole lot easier

Is This You? 

  • You're confused about what to eat after bariatric surgery
  • You want to get the most out of your weight loss surgery
  • You wish you had a plan to follow
  • You love the idea of eating healthy but don't know where to start
  • you had weight loss surgery awhile ago but want to get back to the basics
  • you've gained some weight since surgery and want to start eating right again

I can help you. 

That's why I created these bariatric meal plans.

There's no need to do this all on your own. 

You don't have to scroll through Pinterest for hours. 

You can do this!

Introducing Dietitian Created Bariatric Meal Plans!

Three in depth meal plans for bariatric post-ops who want direction and guidance on what to eat after weight loss surgery. 

In each menu plan you will get:

  • Easy to prepare recipes
  • Shopping Lists
  • Nutrition Info
  • Suggested meal prep schedule each week
  • Sample menu plan that includes when to drink your water, protein drinks and take your vitamins
  • Extra Tips for Success
hand writing menu

Choose Your Menu Plan

Click on each menu plan to learn more. 

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Get All 3 in the Bariatric Bundle:

Bariatric Meal Plan Bundle

Imagine if you had one of these plans and were ready to go! It would feel pretty good, wouldn’t it?

"This plan is amazingly easy to follow and recipes can be increased to feed the whole family. Makes getting back on track so easy versus figuring it all out on your own."


Purchased Regular Diet Meal Plan

"The soft diet plan is easy to follow with less complicated recipes. The recipes are delicious and my family enjoys them as well."


Purchased Soft Diet Meal Plan

"Best thing I have done for myself since the surgery itself 5 years ago."


Purchased Regular Diet Meal Plan

Want a Peek?

Regular Meal Intro
Regular Diet Info
Shopping List
Recipe Example

Give Yourself the Satisfaction of Having a Plan!

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Bariatric Meal Plan Bundle