Bariatric Gift Ideas

24 Bariatric Gift Ideas for 2018

Whether you're looking for family member or yourself, here are some bariatric gift ideas that may be "just" perfect. 

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Kitchen Gadgets

A list of bariatric gift guide

Air Fryer

Air fryers (affiliate link) have become one of the hottest trends this year. And with good reason. They can add a nice crisp texture and flavor to your meats and vegetables without the added fat of deep frying. Doesn’t this Perfect Air Fryer Salmon look amazing? It has almost 70k shares on Pinterest. 

Meal Prep Containers

I couldn’t get through this list without talking about meal prep containers, right?

If you plan on including meal prepping in your routine in the upcoming year then having the right meal prep container is a must.  After bariatric surgery, your pouch size is smaller, so you likely do not need large containers. Usually a 1.5-2 cup container is perfect.

I really like this set from rubbermaid (affiliate link) because it has a variety of sizes.  These are the ones I tend to use in my meal prep photographs.  You want a little extra room so it's easy to eat out of it. Make sure it is leak-proof so it does not get all over the place during transit. Another option is small mason jars (affiliate link). They’re small and portable.


If you are someone just starting out your bariatric surgery journey then you may need a blender. I highly encourage you to get one.

They are great to prepare protein drinks and delicious soups. My personal pick is the Vitamix (affiliate link) because all the food items I prepare come out smooth. Plus it's highly durable. My MIL has had hers for 20+ years. I have also heard good things about the Ninja from other people but I did not have a good experience with it.

Toaster Oven

A toaster oven (affiliate link) is a must for anyone who cooks for just themself or for  another family member. It heats up quickly and makes cooking more manageable than using a big oven.

Food Processor

A food processor is helpful to prepare smooth soups and sauces but I prefer it for protein bites. My favorite recipe is Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bites.

The food processor also works great to chop up vegetables. 

Instant Pot

I keep thinking Instant Pots (affiliate link) cannot get any more popular but then I’m proven wrong. If you have not heard of one before, it is a crock pot and pressure cooker in one. You can even make yogurt in it. Now that it’s popular you can find a variety of recipes online. One of my favorite instant pot recipes for after bariatric surgery is Weeknight Pasta Fagioli.

Kitchen Shears

After bariatric surgery, you're likely eating smaller portions ands smaller bites. Kitchen shears (affiliate link) are used to cut your raw meat and they are SO much easier to use than a knife. I highly recommend having one of these in your kitchen.

Tea Infuser

Many programs suggest removing coffee after surgery (although this is beginning to become more lax). Having a tea infuser (affiliate link) can inspire you to make more homemade herbal teas. I love the one above. You just place it on top of your mug when it's ready and it easily pours out. The flavor from whole tea leaves tends to be stronger and more flavorful than those from tea bags. 


If you enjoy pasta then a spiralizer (affiliate link) can be a helpful tool after surgery to lower your carb intake. Most recipes spiralize zucchini used as “zoodles” in recipes but you can also spiralize cucumber, butternut squash or beets to name a few others. I used the spiralizer above to make my Creamy Chicken Vegetable Fettuccine

Portion Plates

A portion plate is a great bariatric gift

Portion plates are very useful if you are trying to learn what portions should look like after surgery. There are a variety of options out there and all of them are helpful. If you prefer more plain options I suggest these and if you want more guidance then check these out. I personally like these from BariatricPal because they help measure your food but are discrete. 

Water Bottle

Drinking water is super important after bariatric surgery. Having a fun and useful water bottle (affiliate link) makes it easy to remember. I suggest choosing one that has the ounces listed so you know how much water you have drunk each day. 


Fitness Bariatric Gift Buying Ideas

Gym Membership

There are all sorts of sales on gym memberships this time of year. If you live an area where the weather prohibits  you from going outside a good portion of the year then this may be something to consider. I encourage you to visit a couple before choosing  one. 


FitBits (affiliate link) are useful tools to help increase your motivation when you are starting an exercise plan. You can create a friendly competition with yourself to reach a new goals for each week. 

Bariatric Foodie StepBet Challenge

The StepBet challenge is a fun community event led by bariatric post-op Nikki, from Bariatric Foodie. The purpose of the StepBet challenge is to create motivation, accountability, and camaraderie.  Its a 6-week program that encourages you to move your body and develop a walking routine with the support of others.  Check out here to see when the next event begins.

iTunes Gift Card

Bariatric gift card

iTunes is full of music that helps keep you inspired during workouts. Or if music is not your thing you can also purchase a book on tape to keep you company during your workouts. 

Workout Clothes

You can almost never go wrong with workout clothes. They’re comfortable and there’s nothing like a new outfit to inspire you to workout. Plus they’re cozy to lounge around the house after a big letdown from the holidays. 

Health Magazine Subscription

Bariatric Gift Option

It is so much fun to receive something in the mail other than junk or credit card statements. A health magazine can be excellent inspiration each month to continue to take care of your health. Choose a magazine that fits your style. Maybe Women’s Health, Reader’s Digest, Fitness Rx, Yoga Journal, or Cooking Light Magazine. Whatever tickles your fancy!

Fun Gifts

Fun bariatric gifts

Clothing Store Gift Certificate

One of the biggest perks (among many) after bariatric surgery is buying new clothes. Many people express to me how happy it makes them feel to be able to shop in a variety of clothing stores. Let people know which are your favorite stores and maybe a gift certificate will appear in your stocking this year. 

Essential Oils

Many bariatric post ops have told me how much they LOVE essential oils. Essential oils such as lavender, chamomile or rose help them to relax when they are feeling stressed. Essential oils and candles may be be the perfect combination when you have had “one of those days.”


Journals (affiliate link) can be used in a variety of ways after surgery. Traditionally they are used to keep track of food intake and calories but you could also use them to document your journey after surgery. It can be encouraging to look back  and reflect on how far you have come. If you record your food it can also be helpful to record your hunger before and after the meal to help you become in tune with hunger/fullness feelings. 

I really like the one above because you can also track what you are grateful for, which really helps me stay positive. 

Bariatric Gift Box

Nowadays you can have a variety pack of different bariatric food options  delivered to your door once a month. These make great gifts. Although I prefer freshly prepared  food, there can be a place for these option. You want something easy that still fits within the macro requirements. 

I am familiar with bariatric boxes from BariatricPal and My Bariatric Box


Bariatric gift bracelet

Have you ever checked out Etsy?

They offer a variety of items that can commemorate your progress. You can either buy something for yourself or drop the hint to a family member or friend. 

Essential Gifts

Essential Bariatric gifts


Bariatric vitamins

I know... Not the most exciting gift but they are definitely useful and important for your health after bariatric surgery. Receiving a monthly supply is one less thing to worry about in the upcoming year. 

Didn't see something you believe should be on the list? Please comment below and let others know about it 🙂

Kristin Willard, RDN

I am Bariatric Dietitian that teaches you how to eat before and after weight loss surgery to help you feel and look your best.

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